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Soya Protein Isolated/WDFSoyPro 930E

Model No.︰WDFSoyPro 930E
Brand Name︰wonderful
Country of Origin︰China
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
WDFSOYPRO930E is a soy protein produced from the finest NON-GMO raw materials that is gathered from north-east China, it has been produced and designed for use within the injection meat and beverage.
Soypro 950 provides good dispersive speed in cold water that is within 20 seconds in cold water by the ratio 1:10 (SPI: water), low viscosity.

Chemical Analysis

Typical limits:%
Protein (N*6.25 dry base) min.90
Moisture max.7.0
Fat max.0.5
Ash max.5.8

Typical bacteriological anylysis:

Standard plate count 20,000/g max.
E.coli negative/1g
Yeast and mould 100/g max.
Salmonella (in 25g) negative

Packing & Storage:

Soypro 950 are supplied in 20Kg whiter or brown polylined paper bags within one layer’s Food grade PE inner bag.
Net weight:20kgs/bag Gross weight:20.3kgs/bag
The product should be stored in a dry cool place away from materials with strong odour. Following the above guidelines should insure 12-month shelf life.
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