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Soya Protein Isolated/WDFSoyPro 950E

Model No.︰WDFSoyPro 950
Brand Name︰Wonderful
Country of Origin︰China
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
WDFSOYPRO950E is a soy protein produced from the finest NON-GMO raw materials that is gathered from north-east China, it has been produced and designed for use within the meat, poultry and fish processing industry.
Soypro 950E provides stong get strength through water binding in a ratio of 1:5. .The gel ability can reach more than 2000g , penetration distance will be range from 23-30 mm (the instrument: Texture analyzer TA.XTPlus .).
The product is also an excellent emulsifying agent, it will give you a homogenousheat stable emulsion in a ratio of at least 1:5:5.
NOTE: 950E is added lecithin to avoid dust during the production line that be called dustproof.

the simple specification as follows:

Chemical Analysis

Typical limits:%
Protein (N*6.25 dry base) min.90
Moisture max.7.0
Fat max.0.5
Ash max.5.8

Typical bacteriological anylysis:
Standard plate count 20,000/g max.
E.coli negative/1g
Yeast and mould 100/g max.
Salmonella (in 25g) negative

Packing & Storage:
Soypro 950E are supplied in 20Kg whiter or brown polylined paper bags within one layer’s Food grade PE inner bag.
Net weight:20kgs/bag Gross weight:20.3kgs/bag
The product should be stored in a dry cool place away from materials with strong odour. Following the above guidelines should insure 12-month shelf life.

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